5th Dec 2016 by Geoff Brown

November’s High-Flying Managers

We've trawled through every league to bring you the latest managerial success stories in Europe, as well as providing you with a rundown of some of the record breaking win streaks and unbeaten runs around the continent. So, which managers have been making waves in November? Read on to find out!

30th Nov 2016 by TSZ

FPL – Which Teams Have The Most Favourable Festive Fixtures?

Whilst most of the top leagues around Europe will be enjoying a relatively light fixture load over the next month, the English Premier League, as always, will be going into turbo drive as the festive period approaches. TSZ judges the outlook from an FPL perspective.

29th Nov 2016 by TSZ

How Successful Are European Players On The PGA Tour?

TSZ looks at a select group of European players who have plied their trade on the PGA Tour in recent years. Who has succeeded and who has struggled since they took the decision to seek greater purses across the Atlantic?

28th Nov 2016 by TSZ

How Many Points Are Needed For Premier League Glory?

Arsène Wenger recently stated that the 2016/17 Premier League champions will win the title with 82 – 86 points. We've projected this year's race and put this statement to the test by analysing the statistics of all previous seasons. Was Wenger on the money?

25th Nov 2016 by TSZ

UFC: How Significant Is Home Advantage?

Looking at every fight that took place outside of USA in UFC history, we look at whether there is any truth in fighters benefiting from home advantage, whilst also considering those bouts that went to a decision - do judges tend to side with fighters from their own country?

24th Nov 2016 by Geoff Brown

Ex-football Stars Making The Step Up To Management

Success as a player doesn't always translate into a fruitful management career, but in recent years we've seen an influx of ex-pros proving they can hack it on the touchline. TSZ looks at some of the new breed earning their stripes in Europe.

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