15th Dec 2016 by TSZ

Historical Trends In The BBC Sports Personality Of The Year

This Sunday sees the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards take place in Birmingham, with Andy Murray the bookies' favourite to collect the award for the second year in a row. TSZ looks back at the history of the event.

2nd Nov 2016 by TSZ

Nathan Lyon – Australia’s Greatest Ever Off-Spinner

With Australia in test series action against both South Africa and Pakistan over the next couple of months, TSZ takes a look at the statistics behind the bowler considered to be Australia's greatest ever off-spinner - Nathan Lyon.

10th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Has 50-Over Cricket Become A Batsman’s Paradise?

TSZ examines the reasons behind the increase in runs and boundaries in ODI cricket. Has the advent of Twenty20 caused a change in style amongst cricketers in general, or are thicker and larger bats responsible for the greater run-rate?

19th Sep 2016 by TSZ

The Development of Video Technology In Sport

The use of video technology has been an increasingly significant aspect of sport for a number of years now, with opinion divided on whether or not it improves the spectacle for fans. TSZ looks at the evolution of video technology, and how it's applied in various sports.