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15 Nov 2018 by Rob Esteva
2018-19 NHL – Ottawa Senators vs Detroit Red Wings Preview & Prediction

The Senators are typically strong at home but they face one of the best teams in the NHL right now based on form. Detroit are surging and recent performances suggest they will have too much for the Senators and they should make this their eighth win in their last nine matches.

31 Mar 2017 by TSZ
Comparing The 1000 Points Of Sidney Crosby And Alex Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin have been terrorising NHL defences for over a decade now, and earlier this year both of them surpassed the historic 1000 points mark. We look at how the two greats have scored their points over the years.

18 Oct 2016 by TSZ
Who Leads The NHL Scoring Charts In Recent Times?

With the 2016-17 NHL season now underway, we thought we’d delve into the stats to see who the top goal scoring performers have been over the last five years. Who will we see break into these lists this season?

13 Oct 2016 by TSZ
Crosby vs Ovechkin: Who Influences Their Team More?

Described as the Messi and Ronaldo of Hockey, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin have been lighting up the NHL for over 10 years. TSZ compares the key stats of the two players and investigates who has the greater impact on their team.

12 Oct 2016 by TSZ
Nationalities In The NHL

As the 2016-17 NHL season gets underway, we take a look at the breakdown of players in the league in terms of nationality. Using a sample of the previous five seasons, we assess how many players per nation have competed. USA and Canada dominate of course, but where else do the stars of the NHL hail from?

20 Sep 2016 by TSZ
World Cup Ice Hockey – Which Players Stand Out?

After a 12-year break, the World Cup of Ice Hockey is back. With the 2016 tournament now in full swing - and a crucial USA vs Canada clash taking place this evening - TSZ takes a statistical look at some of stars competing for the top prize in International Ice Hockey.

19 Sep 2016 by TSZ
The Development of Video Technology In Sport

The use of video technology has been an increasingly significant aspect of sport for a number of years now, with opinion divided on whether or not it improves the spectacle for fans. TSZ looks at the evolution of video technology, and how it's applied in various sports.

17 Jun 2016 by TSZ
How much parity is there in American sports?

Which American sport sees the greatest number of different teams appear in the final?

04 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Do teams that travel more in the NBA and NHL perform better?

NBA and NHL sides have to travel thousands of miles on the road every season but do they fare better away from their fans?

01 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Does The West Coast Dominate NHL and NBA?

As both the NBA and NHL seasons reach their finale, TSZ look at whether one conference has had the edge in recent history, how seeds typically fare in the two sports, and what is the most common scoreline in finals.

03 May 2016 by TSZ
Does the draft system promote equality in the NHL?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have won the lottery for 1st overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft. Does that give them a better chance of succeeding in future? TSZ look at the last 10 years of NHL draft picks and what that has meant to each team.