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01 Nov 2018 by Juan Pablo Aravena
2018-19 NBA Regular Season – Milwaukee Bucks @ Boston Celtics Preview & Prediction

It remains to be seen how long the Bucks can stay undefeated, but there is no question the Celtics are on the right track following their recent performances and the fact that they are riding a three-game winning streak. Home-field advantage will be key, and Boston should escape with the win here.

31 Oct 2018 by Juan Pablo Aravena
2018-19 NBA Regular Season – New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors Preview & Prediction

Two of the top teams in the Western Conference will collide at Oracle Arena and we could very well see these two teams in the postseason again, but right now there is no doubt that the Warriors are better equipped.

10 Jan 2018 by TSZ
2017-18 NBA Regular Season – Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers Preview

The Warriors should be considered strong favourites ahead of this game, especially considering Kevin Durant is slated to return. Steph Curry is playing like a true MVP candidate since he averages...

19 Sep 2016 by TSZ
The Development of Video Technology In Sport

The use of video technology has been an increasingly significant aspect of sport for a number of years now, with opinion divided on whether or not it improves the spectacle for fans. TSZ looks at the evolution of video technology, and how it's applied in various sports.

21 Jun 2016 by TSZ
How does the most successful regular season team in NBA history rank among the greatest?

Despite losing the NBA crown with a 3-1 in the play-off final to the Cleveland Cavaliers, we take a look at how the 2015-16 Warriors compare with some of the best teams in NBA history

17 Jun 2016 by TSZ
How much parity is there in American sports?

Which American sport sees the greatest number of different teams appear in the final?

08 Jun 2016 by TSZ
What does LeBron James have to do to become the best ever?

With LeBron's Cavs trailing 2-0 in the finals, does he have to win to secure his place among the greats of the game?

04 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Kobe Bryant’s legendary career & the legacy he has left behind

Kobe will go down as one of the greatest to grace the court, but do the numbers back him up? TSZ investigates.

04 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Do teams that travel more in the NBA and NHL perform better?

NBA and NHL sides have to travel thousands of miles on the road every season but do they fare better away from their fans?