All of Liverpool's Premier League hat-tricks

With Liverpool players having scored 39 Premier League hat-tricks since the 1992/93 season, they have scored the joint most (along with Arsenal) in the history of the league. A total of 16 different players have hit the net three times in a match for the Anfield side with club legend Robbie Fowler having scored the most hat-tricks for the Reds with eight overall..

Date Player Opposition Home/Away Result Venue Outcome
17/04/1993 Mark Walters Coventry City Home 4–0 Anfield Won
30/10/1993 Robbie Fowler Southampton Home 4–2 Anfield Won
28/08/1994 Robbie Fowler Arsenal Home 4–3 Anfield Won
23/09/1995 Robbie Fowler Bolton Wanderers Home 5–2 Anfield Won
23/12/1995 Robbie Fowler Arsenal Home 3–1 Anfield Won
14/12/1996 Robbie Fowler Middlesbrough Home 5–1 Anfield Won
05/10/1997 Patrik Berger Chelsea Home 4–2 Anfield Won
14/02/1998 Michael Owen Sheffield Wednesday Away 3–3 Hillsborough Draw
30/08/1998 Michael Owen Newcastle United Away 1–4 St. James' Park Won
24/10/1998 Michael Owen Nottingham Forest Home 5–1 Anfield Won
21/11/1998 Robbie Fowler Aston Villa Away 2–4 Villa Park Won
16/01/1999 Robbie Fowler Southampton Home 7–1 Anfield Won
06/09/2000 Michael Owen Aston Villa Home 3–1 Anfield Won
15/10/2000 Emile Heskey Derby County Away 0–4 Pride Park Won
05/05/2001 Michael Owen Newcastle United Home 3–0 Anfield Won
20/10/2001 Robbie Fowler Leicester City Away 1–4 Filbert Street Won
28/09/2002 Michael Owen Manchester City Away 0–3 Maine Road Won
26/04/2003 Michael Owen West Bromwich Albion Away 0–6 The Hawthorns Won
13/11/2004 Milan Baroš Crystal Palace Home 3–2 Anfield Won
31/03/2007 Peter Crouch Arsenal Home 4–1 Anfield Won
23/02/2008 Fernando Torres Middlesbrough Home 3–2 Anfield Won
05/03/2008 Fernando Torres West Ham United Home 4–0 Anfield Won
22/03/2009 Steven Gerrard Aston Villa Home 5–0 Anfield Won
12/09/2009 Yossi Benayoun Burnley Home 4–0 Anfield Won
26/09/2009 Fernando Torres Hull City Home 6–1 Anfield Won
06/03/2011 Dirk Kuyt Manchester United Home 3–1 Anfield Won
23/04/2011 Maxi Rodríguez Birmingham City Home 5–0 Anfield Won
09/05/2011 Maxi Rodríguez Fulham Away 2–5 Craven Cottage Won
13/03/2012 Steven Gerrard Everton Home 3–0 Anfield Won
28/04/2012 Luis Suárez Norwich City Away 0–3 Carrow Road Won
29/09/2012 Luis Suárez Norwich City Away 2–5 Carrow Road Won
02/03/2013 Luis Suárez Wigan Athletic Away 0–4 DW Stadium Won
12/05/2013 Daniel Sturridge Fulham Away 1–3 Craven Cottage Won
26/10/2013 Luis Suárez West Bromwich Albion Home 4–1 Anfield Won
04/12/2013 Luis Suárez Norwich City Home 5–1 Anfield Won
22/03/2014 Luis Suárez Cardiff City Away 3–6 Cardiff City Stadium Won
17/03/2018 Mohamed Salah Watford Home 5–0 Anfield Won
08/12/2018 Mohamed Salah Bournemouth Away 0–4 Vitality Stadium Won
29/12/2018 Roberto Firmino Arsenal Home 5–1 Anfield Won

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