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03 Aug 2018 by TSZ

2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final Blog Day 2



So that's it for Day 2 here at the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final! Tomorrow we have the semi finals before the last two go head to head to become the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup winner and a cash prize of $250,000.

Join us then!



The Man City man triumphs 5-4 on aggregate to send the number one PS4 seed, Global Series Playoffs winner and 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup favourite nicolas99fc out of the tournament!

He joins Kurt0411, Msdossary and Stefano Pinna in the semi finals where he will play the PSV eSports man.


Half time in extra time. Marcuzo has gone 5-4 up on aggregate against Nicolas. Can the Argentine come back again?



He beats Mo Aubameyang 6-5 on aggregate. Nicolas v Marcuzo has gone to extra time after a 2-0 win for Nicolas sees the game end 4-4 on aggregate.



Nicolas goes 2-0 up against Marcuzo in the second leg. They are tied 2-2 on aggregate. Stefano and MoAubameyang are tied 5-5 on aggregate.

Are we finally going to get our first glimpse of extra time at the FIFA eWorld Cup?



Nicolas has LOST 0-2 against Man City's Marcuzo in the first leg of their quarter final. The second legs are coming up. Don't go anywhere!


LATE the first leg.

A last minute goal from Stefano Pinna sees him beat MoAubameyang 3-2 in the first leg.


Our second PS4 quarter final head to head between Nicolas and Marcuzo


Here are the head to head statistics for our first PS4 quarter final. Stefano Pinna vs MoAubameyang



Gorilla wins the second leg 1-0 but is eliminated by Kurt 2-4 on aggregate. Msdossary wins 6-3 and qualifies to the semi finals 9-4 on aggregate.

Welcome to the semi finals Kurt and Msdossary.


Half time in the two Xbox One quarter final second leg matches. Gorilla is beating Kurt 1-0 but remains two goals behind on aggregate. Msdossary is 2-1 ahead against MegaBit and 5-1 on aggregate.


The first leg of the two Xbox One quarter finals are over. Msdossary beats MegaBit 3-1 and Kurt beats Gorilla 4-1. Work to do for the VfL Bochum and FaZe player.


Your second quarter final head to head on the Xbox One. Gorilla vs Kurt


So with the quarter finals getting underway, here's a look at the stats of the head to head match ups. First up MegaBit vs Msdossary.


So your 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup quarter final matches...

Kurt vs Gorilla

Msdossary vs MegaBit

Stefano Pinna vs MoAubameyang

Nicolas vs Marcuzo

Not bad! They'll be coming up soon.


Full time scores coming out from the O2 Arena. Nicolas is through after drawing with TheStrxngeR 2-2 but winning 5-2 on aggregate. Marcuzo squeezes past Eisvogel 4-3 on aggregate after a second leg 1-2 defeat. MoAubameyang beats HoneyBadger 3-1 in the second leg and triumphs 5-4 on aggregate. Finally Stefano Pinna draws with Agge 3-3 in the second leg, going through 8-4 on aggregate.


Half time whistles beginning to blow around the PS4 games. HoneyBadger continues to hold a one goal advantage 5-4 over MoAubameyang, Stefano Pinna extends his lead over Hashtag Agge to 7-2. Marcuzo is beating Eisvogel 4-2 and Nicolas is sailing through against TheStrxngeR 5-1 so far on aggregate.


The PS4 knockout first leg games are finishing and here are your results with the second legs still to come.

nicolas99fc 3-0 TheStrxngeR

Marcuzo 3-1 Eisvogel

MoAubameyang 2-3 HoneyBadger

Stefano Pinna 5-1 Agge


So it's FaZe Gorilla vs Kurt0411 and VfL Bochum's MegaBit vs Msdossary of Rogue eSports in the quarter finals. What a couple of games that will be! They will take place later today.


Kurt finishes the job against GoalMachine21 and wins 9-7 on aggregate to go through to the quarter finals.

MegaBit the number one Xbox One seed will join him after coming back to beat Nraseck 5-4 on aggregate.

The PS4 knockout matches are imminent.


The Xbox knockout games are coming to a conclusion.

Gorilla makes the second leg comeback against Dani to win 3-2.

Msdossary beats Pedro Resende 5-1.

Kurt is currently 9-7 ahead on aggregate against GoalMachine and Megabit leads Nraseck 5-4 on aggregate after making a strong recovery in the second leg.


Gorilla has turned things around against Dani and leads the second leg 2-0 at half time to lead 3-2 on aggregate. Elsewhere Nraseck has extended his aggregate lead over Megabit to 4-2 and Msdossary looks to be going through as he is ahead 5-1 on aggregate over Pedro Resende. Kurt now leads 8-5 on aggregate over GoalMachine21.


So the first legs are coming to a close in the Xbox knockout matches. MegaBit is still playing his first leg match against Nraseck and is trailing 3-2. All other first leg games are over, Dani holds a 2-1 lead over Gorilla, Msdossary leads Pedro Resende 3-1 and Kurt played out a thrilling 4-4 draw with GoalMachine21. The second legs are imminent.


Latest scores from the Xbox One knockout matches:

Kurt 4-4 GoalMachine21

Gorilla 1-2 Dani

MegaBit 2-3 Nraseck

Msdossary 3-1 Pedro Resende


The Xbox One fixtures look to be up first. The PS4 games will follow


We're a few minutes away from the knockout stages commencing here at The O2 Arena. Get ready everyone, this is where the competition really begins!


So with the group stages complete, here are your last 16 knockout matches.

Xbox One:

Kurt0411 v GoalMachine21, Msdossary v Pedro Resende, Gorilla v Dani, MegaBit v NRaseck


nicolas99fc v TheStrxngeR, Marcuzo v Eisvogel, MoAubameyang v HoneyBadger and Stefano Pinna v Agge.


That's it! Group B and D are over and your qualifiers are confirmed: Msdossary, Gorilla, NRaseck and Alekzandur have qualified from Group A. MoAubameyang, Marcuzo, Agge and The Strxnger make it out of Group D.


It finishes 3-3 between Agge and The StrxngeR. That should be enough for Agge to qualify for the knockouts. A 6-2 win for Marcuzo over M4RV should also see the Man City man through. But it's a waiting game for The Strxnger until MaestroSquad and Andoni complete their respective matches.


The first leg of round 7 is done, the second leg is underway and we're soon about to find out the final 8 qualifiers for the knockout stages. Agge is currently on course to knock The StrnxgeR out, beating him 3-2 on aggregate but still plenty of time to play. Marcuzo is also one step closer to qualifying, currently beating M4RV 1-0.


Round 6 is over in GrouPs B and D and here were the results. Remember only one more round remains.

Group B: Rafsou 2-11 Msdossary, Nraseck 2-11 Gorilla, GoalMachine21 9-6 Crafty, Sakul 5-6 JSSF107

Group D: M4RV 4-4 TheStrxngeR, Damie 9-4 Marcuzo, MoAubameyang 7-3 Agge, MaestroSquad 3-3 AndoniiPM


That's how much it means for HoneyBadger to reach the last 16.

Don't forget we interviewed the FUTWIZ player as part of our Road to the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup series. Check it out here:


Dani is happy! He's through to the knockout stages.


First leg of Round 6 are over on Groups B and D and the results are as follows:

Group B: Rafsou 2-6 Msdossary, NRaseck 0-6 Gorilla, GoalMachine 21 4-4 Crafty, Sakul 3-2 JSSF107

Group D: M4RV 1-2 The StrxngeR, Damie 5-3 Marcuzo, MoAubameyang 5-0 Agge, MaestroSquad 2-2 AndoniiPM


Groups B and D are underway. It's Round 6 in both and there are spots for 8 more players in the knockout stages.


Group A is also done and Kurt tops the group. He will be joined in the knockout stages by MegaBit, Dani and Pedro Resende. Heartbreak for Alekzandur who misses out on GD. Aero, Fabio Denuzzo and Hashtag dreamR are also eliminated.


That's Group C over and HoneyBadger of FUTWIZ has snuck through in 4th place after beating Eisvogel 3-0 in the 2nd leg. He joins Eisvogel, Stefano Pinna and Nicolas in the knockout stages. Deto, YimmieHD, Web and Boras are eliminated.


We'll have the eight qualified players from Groups A and C as soon as they come in. It's going to the wire between HoneyBadger, YimmieHD and Deto to see who will go through.


Current latest scores from Round 7:

Group A:

Eisvogel 4-3 HoneyBadger, Deto 2-3 Boras, Stefano Pinna 4-1 YimmieHD, Nicolas 5-1 Web

Group C

Pedro 6-2 Aero, MegaBit 3-3 Dani, Kurt 6-1 dreamR, Alekzandur 3-1 Fabio Denuzzo.


This is it for Groups A and C. The final round of games are being played. Which eight players will qualify? It's going to be tight for the likes of Deto, HoneyBadger and Pedro Resende.


Statement complete!

11-4 it finishes and Kurt has dealt MegaBit a serious thrashing that sees the Maltese player leapfrog the German into top spot in Group A.

Elsewhere Nicolas salvaged a 3-3 against Stefano Pinna, Deto keeps his hopes alive after a second leg 0-0 draw sees him win 1-0 on aggregate over Web. Eisvogel also came from behind to beat YimmeHD 7-4.


Kurt making a statement in Group A, currently beating MegaBit 9-3 on aggregate! The VfL Bochum player's winning streak is about to come to a shuddering halt!


Second leg of round 6 matches of Group A and C taking place as we speak. Deto is 1-0 up against Web in what is a must win match for the Man City player. HoneyBadger of FUTWIZ is currently 5-4 up on aggregate against an already eliminated Hashtag Boras


If your still a little unsure what’s going on fear not. Just head on our to our webpage where you can find all the information you will ever need with descriptions on the format of the competition, who has qualified, player biographies and interviews and the prize money on offer.


For those of you who are experiencing your 1st FIFA eWorld Cup a quick overview:

  • The thirty-two players have been seeded and split into four groups of eight – Group A and Group B – Xbox players; Group C and Group D – PS4 players. All matches are played across two legs.
  • All players in each group will play each other once in a round robin type format.
  • The top 4 players from each group will progress to the knockout stages. The tournament is then a straight knockout competition until only one player from each console is left standing.
  • These two players then meet in the Grand Final with one leg played on each console.


Six players were eliminated on day one leaving 26 remaining to battle it out for the first prize of a quarter of a million dollars.

Today begins with the final two rounds of the group stages. Groups A and C will play out round six and seven followed by groups B and D.

Group A sees number one Xbox seed Megabit of VfL Bochum top the table, while Group C is led by the PS4 number one seed, nicolas99fc of Transfermarkt.


Good morning and welcome to day 2 of the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup Grand Final here at the O2 Arena in London!