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UEFA Euro 2016

10 Jul 2016 by TSZ
Statistical insight into shootouts - where to place your penalty!

The difference between success and failure in football can often be as slim as one penalty hitting the woodwork in a shootout - just ask any England fan. TSZ look at where players have most success when shooting and which team has the best all-time record in shootouts

26 Jun 2016 by TSZ
The importance of star individuals to nations at Euro 2016

How much do individual players carry their national teams? We look at the influence of individual players' goal contributions to their countries.

23 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Do European Championship winners benefit from fewer rest days?

The European Championship is an action-packed month in the footballing calendar but do some teams benefit from more rest than others?

20 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Breaking down the race for third place in EURO2016

With Euro2016's final round of group matches underway, we breakdown the race for the best 4 third-place finishers. Can Northern Ireland grab one of those positions and reach the knockout rounds?

13 Jun 2016 by TSZ
How much can the absence of natural full-backs affect Belgium during Euro 2016?

No other top side at Euro 2016 plays with four central defenders in defence and is this with good reason?

09 Jun 2016 by TSZ
What can previous Finalists tell us about the European Championships?

Can TSZ predict who will win Euro 2016 based on past results?

09 Jun 2016 by TSZ
Five Reasons why England will not win Euro 2016

Every time an international tournament arrives, England fans are filled with optimism, but what will stop them from winning this year?

09 Jun 2016 by TSZ
How Important is Scoring the First Goal at the European Championships?

With Euro 2016 kicking off this weekend, TSZ looks at what impact getting the opening goal can have.