Who will finish first and who will get relegated from the Bundesliga? Here are the odds

The German Bundesliga promises a lot of excitement once it comes back to its regular activities. Coronavirus disturbed everything, and the fans can't wait for this nightmare to end, because they have one interesting finale waiting in story. After a long time, we have several teams who are in the title race, and although Bayern Munich hold the top spot as things stand, they are not dominating as they have in years gone by.

With nine rounds to go, and possible 27 points in combination, the Bavarians sit first with 55 points, four more than second-placed Borussia Dortmund and five more than RB Leipzig in third position. However, what might be problematic for the reigning champions and the leaders is the fact that the Bundesliga hiatus happened at a time when they were in top form, while on the other hand, opponents like RB Leipzig who were top for a long time, had been dropping points frequently.

But even so, all the best betting sites see Bayern as the ultimate candidate for defending the title. Odds on them are 2/9 at the moment, with Borussia Dortmund following at 5/1. RB Leipzig are 9/1, while Borussia Moenchengladbach are fourth with 66/1. Bayer Leverkusen is practically out of the race but is still offered at 100/1, with Gladbach sitting on 49 points and Bayer on 47. All other clubs will see any mathematical changes of silverware shortly after play resumes.

What we do know is that Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, and Bayern Leverkusen are all participating in European competitions. It is something which could be a handicap in certain situations, as they have to battle at multiple fronts, in pretty unusual times.

In the meantime, Borussia Dortmund saw their participation in the UCL end after they suffered elimination against PSG. Although the majority of the fans took this loss pretty hard because Borussia took a lead following the first match, others saw the positive side of it. Over the last few weeks before play was interrupted, their form was improving domestically, and with young Haaland on fire, they might benefit from the fact that Bayern might have incredibly tough opponents in the UCL quarterfinals. We could easily see the Bavarians slipping somewhere along the road.

Hansi Flick's side are one of the top candidates for winning the Champions League. With the odds set at 13/4, the five-time winner of this competition is listed as the second favourite for the trophy. The only one ahead of them are Manchester City at 11/4. Paris Saint Germain is marginally behind at 17/4, Barcelona at 7/1, and Atletico Madrid sits at 10/1. Further behind are Juventus 14/1, and the second German representative, RB Leipzig 17/1.

For a long time, the Bulls were running the show in Germany, producing excellent performances and keeping the distance between them and the rest of the clubs. But at some point, they began to lose pace. Julian Nagelsmann's guys had a stretch of five Bundesliga games on the road in which they won just once. In the meantime, they were eliminated from the German Cup also. For them, the suspension of the league came in the best possible moment, but that still doesn't guarantee their recovery and a comeback to the top.

We don't want to forget one more competition where Bayern participates - DFB Pokal, or the German Cup. Right now, they are in the semifinals and are up against Eintracht Frankfurt. The second matchup is 1. FC Saarbrucken vs. Bayer Leverkusen.

As logical, the team from Munich is the biggest favourite for the trophy here 4/11, then Leverkusen 4/1, Eintracht is third 10/1 with Saarbrucken 50/1 occupying the last place.

Now, we analysed the prospects for winning the title, but there is also another battle, the one which might be less popular, but equally dramatic as the title chase. Right now, three teams are in the relegation zone, Paderborn, who has 16 points, Werder Bremen with 18 and Fortuna Dusseldorf with 22. The first club above the red line is Mainz with 26 points, Augsburg has 27, while Hertha Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt collected 28 each.

Also, not to forget, the 16th place in Bundesliga, which is currently occupied by Fortuna, is leading to the relegation playoffs. Whichever club finishes here will meet the third-placed from the second league in a two-legged matchup, and decide who will play in the top tier of German football next season.

Basically, Paderborn has slim chances of reaching that spot, while Werder Bremen's are a bit better. On the other side, Fortuna is just four points away from the safe zone. We are reminding you again that 27 points are available until the end of the campaign.

The bookies do not believe that Paderborn can avoid relegation. Odds on them to go down are 1/20. Werder's are better, 11/25, while Fortuna's sit at 7/10. Mainz 4/1, and Augsburg 8/1 come behind, with Hertha Berlin closing the list at 14/1.

All in all, Bundesliga will bring a lot of thrilling moments when it does resume. This competition is one of the most popular in the world, but the current state of play is going to make it even more exciting than usual.

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