Every European Championship winner

TSZ takes a look back at all 15 European Championship tournaments to see which nations have emerged victorious since the competition's inception back in 1960.

Year Winners Runners-up
1960 USSR Yugoslavia
1964 Spain USSR
1968 Italy Yugoslavia
1972 West Germany USSR
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany
1980 West Germany Belgium
1984 France Spain
1988 Netherlands USSR
1992 Denmark Germany
1996 Germany Czech Republic
2000 France Italy
2004 Greece Portugal
2008 Spain Germany
2012 Spain Italy
2016 Portugal France

France, Germany and Spain are all multiple winners, with the latter two leading the way on three wins apiece. There have been three occasions where the host nation have gone on to win the tournament - Spain in 1964, Italy in 1968 and France in 1984.

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