FA Cup – Which Clubs Have Had The Most Home Draws?

6th Jan 2017 by TSZ

The FA Cup third round weekend is always a much anticipated feast of football, as it marks the point at which Premier League and Championship teams enter the fray in the sport’s oldest cup competition. So, as excitement builds ahead of this highlight of the sporting calendar, we take a look at the percentage of home ties given to the 92 clubs currently plying their trade in the top four leagues. 

The following chart highlights all clubs who have played over 60% of their FA Cup ties at home, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, those teams who have played at home less than 40% of the time. The sample used is from the 2000/01 season to the present day for all matches from the first round proper onwards (up to and including the third round draw this season). Replays and matches played at neutral venues are not considered in this analysis.

* Teams who have played fewer than 20 FA Cup ties since 2000/01 have not been included.

  • League One outfit Bury have been awarded the highest percentage of home ties since the 2000/01 season – with 75.0% equating to 21 home matches and just seven on the road.

  • Four clubs currently playing in the Premier League have been fortunate enough to be drawn at home in over 60% of their ties – Southampton, Sunderland, Watford and Everton, with the latter three all playing on home turf this weekend.

  • When Cambridge host Leeds United on Monday, it will be the 10th consecutive time they have played at home in the FA Cup (not including replays).

  • Speaking of Leeds United, they have been the unluckiest team in the football league in terms of home draws, as they have played just 24.1% (seven out of 29) of their FA Cup ties at Elland Road since the 2000/01 season.

  • Swansea, who have played at home in 27.8% of their FA Cup matches since the turn of the century, will travel to Hull on Saturday for their seventh consecutive away tie in the competition, and they have only been drawn at home once in the last 10 occasions.

  • Premier League clubs Burnley and Crystal Palace have identical FA Cup records since the 2000-01 season – played 31, 10 home matches, 21 away matches. Even if we include replays, they still cannot be separated, as both teams have played seven replays during this time.
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