FIFA 19 eSports – eWorld Cup Grand Final live blog: day 2

19:23: That's it for day two here at the FIFA eWorld Cup at the 02 Arena in London. The semi finals are set for tomorrow. Rafsou vs Msdossary (Xbox) and Nicolas vs MoAuba (PS4). We'll be back with our third live blog so join us then!

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19:20 MoAuba and Nicolas99fc complete the semi final line up. They both secure wins by convincing margins. Nicolas 9-1 over Ustun and MoAuba 5-1 over Maestro.

18:56: Full time in the first legs of the two PS4 quarter finals. MoAuba has a 2-0 lead over Maestro, whilst Nicolas leads Ustun 4-1.

18:43: The two PS4 quarter finals are underway between Maestro/MoAuba and Nicolas99fc/Ustun, who will make it to the semi finals?

18:32: There you have it Rafsou beats NRaseck 6-3 to make it to the semi finals, he'll be joined by Msdossary who took out teammate GoalMachine in an 8-3 blitz. PS4 quarter finals up next.

17:55: The Xbox quarter finals are underway. Msdossary is already 2-0 up against GoalMachine, whilst Rafsou also leads NRaseck 2-0.

17:42: So your quarter finals are set, this is what we have:

NRaseck vs Rafsou (Xbox)

Msdossary vs GoalMachine (Xbox)

Maestro vs MoAuba (PS4)

Nicolas99fc vs Ustun (PS4)

17:36: The PS4 Round of 16 is done and Maestro, Nicolas, Ustun and MoAuba have qualified through to the quarter finals.

17:22: What a start from Ustun who is 6-2 ahead against RastaArtur. Maestro currently leads 3-1 over Tuga. Pinna and MoAuba are locked at 1-1, whilst Nicolas leads Zezinho 4-2

16:48: That's it for the Xbox round of 16. GoalMachine edges past Tass 1-0 and Rafsou beats Dani 6-3 on aggregate. So the Xbox quarter final games are as follows:

NRaseck vs Rafsou

Msdossary vs GoalMachine

16:42: MEGABIT HAS CHOKED! Through on goal he HAD to score to pull it level. But he missed and it finished 4-3 to Msdossary.

16:39: REBEL STOKES IS OUT! He so nearly pulled off the comeback but goes down 4-3 to NRaseck who is the first man through to the quarter finals.

16:26: Second legs are well underway and Msdossary has a vital two goal advantage over Megabit as he's 1-0 ahead in this second leg. GoalMachine still leads 1-0 over Tass and Rafsou leads Dani 5-3. Meanwhile Stokes may be making a comeback over NRaseck, he's 2-0 up in the leg but still 2-4 behind on aggregate.

16:16: First legs of the Xbox best of 16 knockout games are done and here are the results.

Stokes 0-4 NRaseck, Rafsou 5-3 Dani, Msdossary 2-1 MegaBit, Tass 0-1 GoalMachine

16:08: The Xbox last sixteen matches are underway and shocks are in prospect. Rebel Stokes is 4-0 down against NRaseck. Msdossary is narrowly leading MegaBit 2-1. The other two games see GoalMachine beating Tass by one goal to nil and Rafsou drawing 3-3 with Dani in a thrilling first leg.

15:12: So the eight players to qualify from Groups B and D are as follows.

Group B: Msdossary, Rafsou, GoalMachine, NRaseck

Group D: Zezinho, Pinna97, RastaArtur, Maestro

15:10: THAT'S IT! The group stages are over as round 7 in groups B and D are wrapped up. Results from round 7 are as follows:

Group B: Msdossary 6-3 DaXe, NRaseck 5-2 Zidane 10, GoalMachine 8-6 Rafsou, MarcusGomes 1-5 DullenMike

Group D: Maestro 3-3 Pinna97, Joksan 2-2 TheStrnxgeR, NYC_Chris 2-5 Zezinho, RastaArtur 0-0 Fifilza

15:02: GOALMACHINE IS ON FIRE! He takes a 7-5 lead over Rafsou and is set to qualify for the knockout stages. An outstanding second leg performance from the Canadian.

14:56: The comeback is on! GoalMachine reveals off two quick goals to draw level, and as Rafsou gets another, GoalMachine pulls out another goal. He's currently level 5-5 with the Frenchman on aggregate.

14:50: Rafsou starting to up the ante against GoalMachine. He's 4-2 up and it's great news for DaXe who is set to qualify as a result. The Canadian however is heading out unless he can make a comeback.

14:40: Round 7 first legs are over and here are the results going into a huge round of second legs!

Group B: Msdossary 4-1 DaXe, NRaseck 3-1 Zidane 10, GoalMachine 1-2 Rafsou, MarcusGomes 1-2 DullenMike

Group D: Maestro 2-2 Pinna97, Joksan 1-1 The StrnxgeR, NYC_Chris 0-1 Zezinho and RastaArtur 0-0 Fifilza

14:30 Round Seven well underway, let's find out who will make it out from Groups B and C. It's a huge round for the likes of GoalMachine and Rogue as a whole, all three players can still make it through from the organisation.

14:20: Round 6 is over in Groups B and D and here are the results.

Group B: NRaseck 2-3 Msdossary, DaXe 2-2 GoalMachine, Zidane 10 3-6 DullenMike, Marcus Gomes 3-5 Rafsou

Group D: Joksan 3-1 Maestro, Pinna97 2-2 NYC_Chris, TheStrnxgeR 4-5 Fifilza, RastaArtur 4-2 Zezinho

14:04: It's raining goals in Group B, Msdossary, DullenMike and Rafsou currently lead, whilst DaXe vs GoalMachine is level. In Group D, Joksan leads Maestro, Fifilza is currently ahead against The StrxngeR and RastaArtur leads Zezinho 4-2.

13:46: The first legs in Groups B and D are coming to a conclusion, Joksan and RastaArtur lead their Group D games with the two other matches level. In Group B, NRaseck and Msdossary are level, whilst DullenMike and Rafsou both lead in their respective games.

13:28: Groups B and D and now underway. Round 6 is here, which 8 players will make it to the knockout rounds?

13:08: A ten minute break before Groups B and D resume with two rounds to be played.

12:59: THE COMEBACK IS COMPLETE! Nicolas99fc makes it through Group C in 4th place. Huge congratulations to tuga810 who tops the group, MoAuba and Ustun also go through but it's heartbreak for Marko, who is eliminated on goal difference.

12:55 F2TEKKZ IS OUT OF THE FIFA EWORLD CUP!!!!! Beaten by MegaBit! The German goes through with Stokes, Tass and Dani in Group A!

12:41: In group C, Nicolas is set to complete the comeback and he leads LevVinken 4-1. MoAuba looks set for his third successive loss as he's 4-6 down against Marko. Tuga narrowly leads DrErhano 3-2 and Ustun is 5-3 up over Tore.

12:38: DRAMA as MegaBit leads F2Tekkz 5-4. Also in Group A Stokes will go to beat Ebinho, Tass leads Resende 2-0 in a must win for both and Janoz looks set to end Dani's knockout hopes, currently 2-1 up.

12:27 Group C is also underway and Nicolas is in must win territory again. He leads LevVinken 3-1. DrErhano trails tuga 2-1, whilst Tore and Ustun are level at 2-2. After a 10-1 beating in the previous round, Marko is showing tremendous character to lead MoAuba 4-3

12:22: Close games across the board in Group A currently. Tekkz leads MegaBit 3-2, Stokes is ahead against Ebinho 4-3, Tass is bouncing back to lead Resende 2-0 and Janoz is shocking Dani with a 1-0 lead.

12:08: Here we go then, the final round is underway in Group A. It's going to go to the wire. Tekkz, Tass, Stokes, Resende, Dani, MegaBit. Which four players will make it through?

12:00: A dramatic round 6 concludes in Groups A and C and the results are as follows, leaving both groups on a knife edge!

Group A: Stokes 4-5 F2Tekkz, MegaBit 3-4 Resende, Ebinho 3-3 Dani, Janoz 2-1 Tass

Group C: MoAuba 2-5 Nicolas, LevVinken 4-5 tuga810, Marko 1-10 Ustun, Tore 3-4 DrErhano

11:55: Group C is seeing Nicolas continue his fightback, leading 4-2 against MoAuba over two legs, Tuga beating LevVinken 5-4 in a crucial game. But the story of the round so far is uStun, who is currently beating Marko 10-1!!!

11:51: TEKKZ WINS 5-4! What a finish as Stokes hits the bar in the last minute, but Tekkz holds on and goes top. Other games see Dani and Ebinho locked together at 3-3, Janoz beating Tass 2-1 and Resende currently beating MegaBit 4-3 in a crucial game in Group A

11:48: Incredible game going on between F2Tekkz and Rebel Stokes, Tekkz leads 5-4 with 5 minutes left. Can the number seed hold on?

11:39: Be sure to listen to our FIFA eSports podcast reviewing yesterday's play. We also have an interview with Msdossary so go ahead and click the link in our tweet above

11:37: Legs two of Groups A and C are underway in round 6, an early two goals from F2Tekkz has him in front against Stokes

11:27: Huge win for Nicolas over MoAuba in leg one. But F2Tekkz goes down 1-2 to Stokes. Is the Rebel player set to do the double over Tekkz after downing him in the Global Series Playoffs final?

11:22: Round 6 in Groups A and C have kicked off and the hopes of tournament favourites F2Tekkz and Nicolas are hanging by a thread. Tekkz is currently 1-2 down to top of the table Rebel Stokes, whereas Nicolas is 2-0 ahead over the MoAuba, the Argentinian needing to win both games to qualify.

11:20: Welcome to day two of the FIFA eWorld Cup live from the 02 Arena. No time to waste, the games are underway!

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