FIFA 19 eSports – eWorld Cup Grand Final live blog: day 1

20:17: That's it for day one of the FIFA eWorld Cup live from the 02 Arena. We'll be back to do it all again tomorrow when the group stages are concluded and the knockout stages begin! See you then!

20:09: Round 5 is finally over and the results are as follows.

Group B: Msdossary 4-2 GoalMachine, DullenMike 5-12 NRaseck, Marcus Gomes 1-4 DaXe, Rafsou 4-0 Zidane 10

Group D: Maestro 5-3 NYC_Chris, Fifilza 3-6 Joksan, RastaArtur 3-3 Pinna97, Zezinho 10-5 TheStrxngeR

19:10: Round 4 is concluded and here are the results with one more round to go today!

Group B: DullenMike 3-5 Msdossary, GoalMachine 2-2 MarcusGomes, NRaseck 1-2 Rafsou, DaXe 2-4 Zidane 10

Group D: Fifilza 5-10 Maestro, NYC_Chris 4-4 Rasta Artur, Joksan 5-10 Zezinho, Pinna97 4-3 The StrnxgeR

18:17: Round three is finally complete and here are the results.

Group B: Msdossary 2-1 MarcusGomes, Rafsou 7-1 DullenMike, Zidane 1-1 GoalMachine, DaXe 2-1 NRaseck

Group D: Maestro 4-4 RastaArtur, Zezinho 5-4 Fifilza, TheStrxngeR 5-5 NYC_Chris, Stefano Pinna 6-1 Joksan.

18:02: Round three about to conclude with the second legs in progress now. In Group B Msdossary narrowly leads Marcus Gomes 2-1, Rafsou is cruising to victory against DullenMike, DaXe is 1-0 up over NRaseck whilst Zidane and GoalMachine are tied at 1-1

17:50: More misery for DullenMike as he is 2-1 down to Rafsou in round three. Msdossary however is rolling on, winning 1-0 over MarcusGomes. In Group D, Joksan continues to struggle at the bottom of the league, whilst RastaArtur tops the table and is currently holding Stefano Pinna 2-2.

17:01: Msdossary continues his strong start to group B, winning his first leg 3-0 over Rafsou. Zidane 10, DaXe and GoalMachine are also first leg winners in Group B. Group D saw first leg wins for Maestro, Rasta Artur, Stefano Pinna and NYC_Chris

16:50 Stefano Pinna is turning up the heat in round two, he's currently 4-0 up against Fifilza. Also winning are DaXe, Rasta Artur and NYC_Chris.

16:34: Here are the results of round one in Group B and D.

Group B: Msdossary 5-2 Zidane 10, DaXe 1-5 Rafsou, NRaseck 4-3 Marcus Gomes, GoalMachine 5-1 DullenMike

Group D: Maestro 4-4 The StrxngeR, Pinna97 5-5 Zezinho, Joksan 1-5 RastaArtur, NYC_Chris 3-2 Fifilza

15:49: We're back underway at the FIFA eWorld Cup and Groups B and C take centre stage this time.

15:00: Round 5 on Group A and C are done. Here are your results.

Group A: F2Tekkz 2-2 Resende, Dani 2-7 Stokes, Janoz 2-3 MegaBit, Tass 9-6 Ebinho

Group C: Nicolas99fc 4-3 tuga810, Ustun 7-4 MoAuba, Tore 4-3 LevVinken, DrErhano 4-8 Marko

14:48: We're currently in Round 5 of games in Group A and Group C. Stokes could well be on his way to top spot in Group A as he leads Dani 6-2. F2Tekkz and Resende are currently locked together at 2-2.

Group C is still up for grabs as MoAuba trails Ustun 4-7. Also Nicolas continues his revival, as he leads tuga810 4-2.

13:52: MASSIVE GOAL FOR NICOLAS! A 93rd minute CR7 winner seals a huge 5-4 win over Ustun to keep his FIFA eWorld Cup alive! Great news also for Rebel Stokes, who pulls himself out of the fire with a 3-0 second leg win over Tass, to win the match 5-4.

13:45: In Group A, round four is proving a good one for Tass once again, who leads Stokes by 4 goals to 1. German MegaBit is currently 3-1 up against Ebinho, whilst Tekkz has turned around a 0-1 deficit to lead Dani 2-1. Resende vs Janoz is proving a close affair, but the Colombian currently leads 1-2.

13:42: Round four is underway and in Group C on PS4 finally Nicolas is leading a game, 4-3 against M10 Ustun. MoAuba continues his good form, leading DrErhano 4-2. Marko is beating LevVinken 5-3 and Tore leads Tuga 3-2.

13:05: Round three of Group C has also come to a conclusion its more misery for Nicolas99fc who loses his third successive group game, 3-5 against Ajax Tore. M10 Ustun defeated DrErhano 7-4, Portugese star tuga810 squeezed past FUTWIZ Marko 4-3 and MoAuba beat LevVinken 8-3 to go top of the group.

13:00: As round three comes to end, Dani and Tass cannot be separated in group A as the match finishes 2-2. Tass will be the happier having been 2-0 down. The other group A results have finished as follows.

F2Tekkz 4-0 Janoz, Ebinho 4-5 Resende, MegaBit 5-4 Stokes

12:45: In group C, MoAuba has pulled away against LevVinken, winning 7-2 on aggregate with 10 minutes to go. Meanwhile Nicolas' misery continues as he trails 2-4 against Ajax Tore.

Meanwhile in Group A, Tass vs Dani is level at 2-2 after the first leg, whilst F2Tekkz looks back to his best, beating Janoz 3-0.

12:20: 1st vs 2nd is going down in Group A as Ajax Dani is taking on FaZe Tass. Dani has taken an early lead in that one.

Over on the PS4 Nicolas is losing once again, this time to Tore. What a nightmare tournament this is turning into for the Argentinian widely tipped to win the competition!

12:16: Round 3 in Group A and C is underway. LevVinken vs MoAuba is a featured game and already the group C game is tied at 1-1. An all Brazilian affair is taking place in Group A between Resende and Ebinho, with that game also at 1-1.

12:07: So after two rounds of FIFA 19, here are your results from the second round of games on Group A and Group C.

Group A: F2Tekkz 3-4 FaZe Tass, Ebinho 4-1 Janoz, Dani 5-3 MegaBit, Resende 6-6 Rebel Stokes

Group C: DrErhano 4-3 Nicolas99fc, Marko 2-8 Tore, Ustun 6-7 LevViken, MoAuba 6-5 Tuga810.

12:04: TASS BEATS TEKKZ!!! Unbelievable performance by the man from FaZe Clan as he beats his fellow Brit 4-3. Currently top of Group A is Ajax Dani with two wins from two, over Resende and Megabit!

11:58 NICOLAS LOSES AGAIN! He goes down 3-4 to Dr Erhano whilst F2Tekkz is losing 2-4 against FaZe Tass with less than 10 minutes left. So far, this FIFA eWorld Cup has been the tournament of shocks!

11:43: Tekkz ties things up at 2-2 against Tass. Meanwhile an incredible game is going down between LevVinken and Ustun in Group C, currently the score stands at 7-6 to Lev. MegaBit, who is trying to avoid two losses in his first two games is drawing 2-2 with Ajax Dani.

11:36: The first legs of the second round are coming to a close in Group A and Group C. A last minute goal from F2Tekkz sees him draw 1-1 against Tass in leg one. Nicolas continues to struggle, only managing a 3-3 draw with DrErhano.

11:14: The second round of games on Groups A and C are starting now, key games include F2Tekkz vs FaZe Tass, Resende vs Stokes and Nicolas vs Dr Erhano.

11:12: The first round of Group A and Group C are over and they are as follows:

Group A : F2Tekkz 2-1 Ebinho, Megabit 1-6 FaZe Tass, Stokes 6-2 Janoz, Dani 4-1 Resende

Group C: Nicolas99fc 3-5 Marko, LevVinken 3-0 Dr Erhano, MoAuba 7-3 Tore, Tuga 3-2 Ustun

10:58: IT'S DONE!!! FUTWIZ MARKO BEATS NICOLAS!!!!! What an incredible first result on day one of the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final. 16th seed beats 1st seed. If this result is anything to go by, it'll be one hell of a weekend!

10:55: HUGE Shock on the cards in the first round of group stages as Nicolas99fc, the top seed on PS4 is 5-3 down and on the verge of losing against 16th seed FUTWIZ Marko. What a stunner this would be!

10:50: We are live here at the 02 Arena in London where the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final is underway. Follow our live blog as we have updates on all the group games as they happen. It's set to be a long day of action so open up a tab and join us!

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