16th Apr 2018 by Alex Sarwar

The Road To The 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup

The FIFA eWorld Cup is the biggest online gaming tournament in the world with millions of players participating in the hope of making it to the coveted Grand Finals. Naturally, the qualification process is a long and difficult road with a number of different routes...

12th Apr 2018 by Alex Sarwar

FIFA 18 – FUT Champions Cup Manchester Preview

​A plethora of top FIFA players will be on show this weekend but only one can walk away with the grand prize. The field is hugely exciting as you could make a case for a large number of players as to why they are the favourites to take home the trophy.

5th Apr 2018 by Alex Sarwar

FIFA 18 – ESWC FIFA18 Paris Preview

The format of ESWC FIFA 18 Paris consists of two separate tournaments taking place on two different consoles. 32 players who successfully qualified online for one of the two competitions will arrive in Paris, with 16 competing in each tournament.

4th Apr 2018 by Alex Sarwar

FIFA 18 – eMLS Cup Preview

There will be plenty of talent on show in Boston this weekend for the eMLS Cup. One of the headliners at the tournament will be LA Galaxy’s Giuseppe Guastella, who is a five-time FIFA eWorld Cup finalist veteran. He is boosted by the club’s recent signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who he will undoubtedly select in his squad.

20th Mar 2018 by Alex Sarwar

A Statistical History Of The FIFA eWorld Cup

The FIFA eWorld Cup began back in 2004 with the final taking place in Zurich. Since then, the annual tournament has grown hugely as each year has gone by, both in terms of participating players and prize money available.

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