TSZ’s 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Player Ratings

With the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup just around the corner there couldn’t be a better time to compare the ability of the qualified players. FIFA’s own player seeding and tournament structure have been well covered by us already but at TSZ we’re also big fans of the ELO rating system. As such we’ve re-ranked the players according to this system.

What is an ELO rating?

The ELO rating system is used in a variety of sports to determine the relative ability of each of the players involved. It was originally developed by Hungarian-American physicist Arpad Elo to calculate the skill level of chess players. Since then it has been applied to other sports including American football, basketball and baseball.

How does it work?

The ELO rating system is used when two teams or players go head to head in a matchup. Before any matchups are played each player is given an initial rating. All initial ratings are the same. At TSZ we gave every player an initial rating of 1500. After players have completed their matchup, their ELO rating goes up or down. For the player that wins their ELO rating goes up, whereas for the player that loses their ELO rating goes down. The amount a players ELO rating goes up or down depends upon factors such as the margin of victory and the ELO rating of their opponent. Finally for each matchup the amount a players ELO rating goes up when they win is the same amount their beaten opponents goes down.

TSZ Player Rankings

Through using the ELO rating system we have calculated ELO ratings for all players set to participate in the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup. The ratings have been calculated by solely using player results from the 2018 FIFA Global Series Playoffs.