TSZ Job Vacancy: Junior Sports Statistician

If you’re passionate about sport, any sport, and are looking for a career in sports data and statistics, this could be the ideal role for you!

The Stats Zone is a relatively new company and we’re looking for talented individuals to get in touch and demonstrate their skills to and for us! We’ll be honest and open and tell you that we do not pay fortunes. We do however offer a great platform to showcase your work and abilities, as well as the opportunity to work with our clients which include a two major international sports federations.

At TSZ, we have grand designs for the future but we're essentially a young start-up company aiming to develop and establish ourselves this year. We are looking to recruit talented prospects who wish to develop themselves and build a career in the industry. We are currently a small team, but our aim is to create more full-time permanent roles later in 2016 and in the first quarter of 2017.

What does the role entail?

Using TSZ proprietary data, you will be responsible for creating stats and facts on a variety of football leagues around the world. You should be able to analyse big data sets and have the football knowledge to identify what is important statistically and what is not. You will produce a series of written stats in presentable format for editorial use and publication.

About you

We are looking for students of sport....individuals who are not just armchair fans, but interested in delving further into what is happening, and why it happens. Knowledge of sport is important, but so is the ability to analyse performance and data with a neutral and objective perspective.

You should be strong statistically but also have expert knowledge of the beautiful game.

Skills of value

Aside from the core areas outlined above in this role, we are looking for a variety of skills which would be valued as a Junior Sports Statistican at TSZ:

· Accuracy and Attention to detail is of paramount importance

· Visualisation skills

· Ability to work to deadlines

· Strong written communication skills

· Creativity

· Working knowledge of Word, Excel & Google Drive


We've worked with enough talented people to take a degree or qualification for what it is worth. You may not have the background in sports data research, but you may have the skills that fit the bill. Knowledge of multiple sports, experience in working with and manipulating data, or implementing research techniques are just as vital as a degree, so tell us about anything you have learned or studied which may be appropriate for this role!

The detail

This is a part time role on a contractor basis. You are responsible for declaring what you earn to the relevant authorities.

Fees are agreed on an hourly/daily rate, and will be agreed in advance of any work undertaken. Fees are paid promptly on a monthly basis.

Role: Part-time contractor

Location: Home-based

Requirements: High speed internet & own PC/Laptop with Microsoft excel and word

Hours: Flexible / project-based

How to apply

Same drill as any gig really – we need a CV from you please. We don’t need a long cover letter – just scribble an email explaining the motivation behind your application and sell yourself to us.

The one thing we do insist upon however is that you are prepared to do a short exercise as part of the application process. It is fun, and will not take too long of your time. Only apply if you are willing to spend the time and energy to do the exercise!

Send your application to [email protected] by August 22nd. Assuming we consider your application of suitable quality, we’ll get in touch with everybody regardless of whether you’ve been successful or not!

We are sticklers for strong and unique applications, so take your time, read this page carefully, and only apply if you are seriously interested in the role!

And our last note – recruitment consultants, you can also save your time! We will be managing these roles directly!