TSZ Job Vacancy: Graphic Designer

The Stats Zone are looking for a remote graphic designer to produce graphics and visualisations for internal use and external clients. As part of a recent start-up, you can help form the direction of the company.


Founded in 2015, The Stats Zone is a recent start-up with expertise in the application of data science to sport. We specialise in consulting on, developing and implementing solutions targeted towards broadcasters, professional sports clubs and sporting federations. Currently our core sports are football, tennis and cricket, but our approach is largely transferable to a wider range of sports.

Being relatively new, the term data science means different things to different people. For us, data science represents the full pipeline for deriving insight from possibly multiple sources of raw data. This includes data wrangling, data analysis, statistical modelling, machine learning, visualisation and reporting.


The role is project-based on an ad-hoc basis suitable for freelancers. The primary sport is football and we produce a wide range of graphics to stakeholders and clients visualising the data in creative ways.

You will support with graphic design and imagery for the company including but not exclusive to social media, website content, and e-brochures.

We are based at Media City, Salford Quays but the role is remotely based. However, if you are based in the vicinity of the North West, that would be a bonus.


You will be expected to bring your own ideas to the table and use your own sporting knowledge to develop and create visualisations in keeping with the TSZ style or client requirements.

Initially, we prefer to work with graphic designers on a project-based part-time basis to make sure we are a good fit and share the same values. In the past this has particularly suited applicants who wish to work alongside existing studies, with a view to exploring a more permanent role once the studies have been completed.


This is a part-time freelancer role on a contractor basis. You are responsible for declaring what you earn to the relevant authorities.

Fees are agreed on an hourly/daily rate, and will be agreed in advance of any work undertaken. Fees are paid promptly on a monthly basis.

Role: Part-time contractor

Location: Home-based

Requirements: You provide all the necessary equipment to fulfil the duties

Hours: Flexible / project-based


Same drill as any gig really – we need a CV from you please. We don’t need a long cover letter – just scribble an email explaining the motivation behind your application and sell yourself to us.

The one thing we do insist upon however is that you are prepared to do a short exercise as part of the application process. It is fun, and will not take too long of your time. Only apply if you are willing to spend the time and energy to do the exercise!

Send your application to [email protected] by September 23rd. Assuming we consider your application of suitable quality, we’ll get in touch with everybody regardless of whether you’ve been successful or not!

We are sticklers for strong and unique applications, so take your time, read this page carefully, and only apply if you are seriously interested in the role!

And our last note – recruitment consultants, you can also save your time! We will be managing these roles directly!