TSZ Job Vacancy: Back-end / Front-end developers

POSITION: Back-end / Front-end developers


SCOPE: Initially part-time, extending to full-time.



The Stats Zone are looking for remote developers (both back-end and front-end) to build excellent software for a variety of sporting applications. As an early member of the team, you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of our business.


Founded in 2015, The Stats Zone is a recent start-up with expertise in the application of data science to sport. We specialise in consulting on, developing and implementing solutions targeted towards broadcasters, professional sports clubs and sporting federations. Currently our core sports are football, tennis and cricket, but our approach is largely transferable to a wider range of sports.

Being relatively new, the term data science means different things to different people. For us, data science represents the full pipeline for deriving insight from possibly multiple sources of raw data. This includes data wrangling, data analysis, statistical modelling, machine learning, visualisation and reporting.

We are opinionated but strive to continually re-evaluate those opinions on the basis of new data. Take a look at what we value.


We have positions for developers of both back-end (Python / Scala) and front-end (Javascript) applications. These positions are remotely based.

The role of our developers is to create and implement applications that provide the interface to our data science pipelines. To do this, you will integrate closely with our existing data science and statistical modelling team, to help bring innovative and computationally intensive solutions from prototype through to production

Being an early stage company we are a small team. As with most companies at this stage, the lines between roles can be blurry. At times you will have to work outside of your key expertise to help the team to deliver.


Buzz-words, “ninjas” and “gurus” tend not to be for us. Primarily we’re looking to build a small team of well-rounded and competent people who share our values. Being able to demonstrate these values and your suitability for one of our developer roles is important. How you got to this point in your life is much less so.

As part of the development team we’ll expect you to have a solid understanding and (preferably) demonstrable experience of development best practices. We like open source technologies; if you can show involvement in such projects all the better.

Initially, we prefer to work with developers on a project-based basis (normally part-time) to make sure we are a good fit and share the same values. In the past this has particularly suited applicants who wish to work alongside existing studies, with a view to exploring a more permanent role once the studies have been completed.


If you are a developer and are interested in this position please send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] Showing us why this role suits you, with examples (data), will be given higher value than simply telling us. You can find more details about TSZ: http://www.thestatszone.com/

We will not be using recruitment consultants for this position. While we appreciate that you are doing your job, if you are a recruiter please value our time and do not send speculative approaches.