MMA Preview – TJ Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt 2 at UFC 227


When is UFC 227? Sunday 5th August, 2018 – 01:00 (UK)

Where is UFC 227? Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

What channel is UFC 227 on? BT Sport 2

Where can I stream UFC 227? BT Sport subscribers can stream the fight online via the BT website

Are tickets still available for UFC 227?



TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt represent the pinnacle of MMA right now and their relationship is one of the most exciting rivalries in the UFC. It’s deep, bitter, hostile and this is exactly what was served up at UFC 217. Their talent was displayed all over the octagon in an incredibly intense exchange that lasted less than two rounds with TJ Dillashaw emerging as the victor, regaining his title.

The pace was frenetic but you could view the effects of several hours spent sparring as training partners as their defence was exceptional. You could hear the combinations flashing through the air as each other intuitively ducked and weaved out the way but as the fight went on, they started to land.

Garbrandt enjoyed the first knockdown after showboating his way through the first round putting Dillashaw in serious trouble just before the bell. However, Dillashaw dusted himself off in the second round and landed a flurry of hooks to finish his rival.

With everything at stake – the rivalry, the skill level, the bantamweight title – it was one of the most intense battles and it could have gone either way so be rest assured that this war is far from over.


They both have two of the best striking defences in the division and you can see from their significant striking stats in their last fight, their defence was on point as usual but they proved just how powerful they are causing severe damage when they landed cleanly.

In the rematch, we expect them to throw with more caution but with the same velocity focusing on the hooks from close range that led to the knockdowns. The success of their striking accuracy will all come down to their dynamic and rapid movement – especially Dillashaw.

They know each other’s patterns so well but with the help of the masterminds in their corners, they need to work on small tweaks to create an opening to land cleanly. So tough to call but the tweaks in their game plan will make all the difference.

Winner: Garbrandt via KO/TKO

Striking and grappling stats sourced via FightMetric