How To Follow The 2019 Love Island Contestants


When does Love Island 2019 start? Monday 3rd June 2019, 21:00 (UK)

Where is Love Island 2019 taking place? Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Majorca, Spain

What television channel is Love Island 2019 on? ITV 2

Where can I stream Love Island 2019? Love Island can be streamed via the ITV Hub

Where can I get tickets for Love Island 2019? Tickets to the Love Island live final can be found here


Let me paint you a scene. It was sunny in Manchester at 1pm on a Wednesday, so Media City was packed full of people two pints in who should have been at work. TSZ’s Managing Director Rob decided to treat the team to an end of season lunch. It was lovely. I had a battered cod sub with mushy peas and tartare sauce. As the football had just begun to die down for the summer months, the five of us basked in the sunshine and collectively sighed.

Someone, somewhere, joked that we could do an article about Love Island. You know, they said, make a prediction, do some silly stats, might be fun.

Therefore, naturally, this article is the precursor to eight weeks of Love Island content from us at The Stats Zone – it’s fine as we didn’t have holidays planned or anything.

Alongside the ICC Cricket World Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Wimbledon and a vast array of global sports, we have decided that our stats, previews and predictions on a group of people being largely horizontal for eight weeks is exactly the kind of content the internet needs. You. Are. Welcome.

Over the next week, or ‘Love Island Eve’ as some are calling it, we will provide some intuitive pieces on what makes a Love Island winner, some early previews and predictions and some analysis on play-styles, all with actual graphs and pie charts which isn’t at all ridiculous. All this of course will bring us up to Monday night, the 3rd of June, when the attentions of approximately four million viewers will be directed towards ITV 2.

Once the show is underway, get ready for regular updates on top scorers, top assisters, and anything else vaguely sport related that we can somehow shoe-horn into content about Love Island. Yeah.


Should you need to follow the S5 contestants now, we have accumulated their Instagram accounts below. I’d recommend Callum’s. Fascinating content there. You can also keep up with the show by following @loveisland on Instagram, Twitter or indeed Facebook if you’re the shouting on a forum type.

Contestant Instagram Handles

Lucie Rose Donlan @Lucierosedonlan

Amber Rose Gill @amberrosegill

Yewande Biala @Yewande_biala

Amy Hart @Amyhartxo

Anna Vakili @annavakili_

Tommy Fury @Tommyntfury

Joseph Garratt @Josephgarratt

Anton Danyluk @Anton.danyluk

Michael Griffiths @Mac_Griffiths

Sherif Lanre @Sherif_Lanre

Callum Macleod @Callum_macleod

Curtis Pritchard @curtispritchard12


We've looked at the history of Love Island and identified some key trends regarding contestants. There were multiple sexy Excel spreadsheets involved and everything. Later in the week, we'll be publishing these findings in a series of articles looking at answering some burning topics on fans' lips such as 'What Attributes Do You Need To Win Love Island?' and 'Are You Less Likely To Reach The Final If You're From Up North'? We'll also be drawing some comparisons between the contestants and sport, because we have to keep reminding ourselves we are actually a sports company.

To be honest, there is a horrific lack of good looking people in the TSZ office, so this project is partly an excuse to see some agreeable human beings for a change.