How do the NFL playoff teams measure up? Part I

Inspired by some of the great work by Experimental 3-6-1, we have taken a look at the teams that have reached the NFL playoffs. Just by simply looking at the Points For and Points Against for each team, we can start to profile the 12 remaining teams.

To the left of the grid, we can see the strongest teams defensively with the Seahawks and Bengals leading the way. Towards the top, we can see the most potent offenses in the league with Cam Newton and the Panthers the most prolific, closely followed by the Arizona Cardinals and then current champions New England Patriots.

Most notably, in terms of the negatives, there's a small cluster of teams at the bottom who have scored between 340-370 points over the 16-game season. However, defensively, the Washington Redskins stand alone far out on the right as having conceded 56 points over the season than their closest rivals.

Can the Redskins shore up their D and make a playoff run starting at Fedex Field this weekend?

How much will these profiles be reflected in the playoffs?