FPL Gameweek 7 – Team TSZ

This season, we’ve pooled our (self-proclaimed) collective genius together to form ‘Team TSZ’, a fearsome squad of fantasy point machines who will gun for glory in our very own FPL mini-league.

Decisions will be made collectively after polite discussion. ‘Team TSZ’ consists of:

Rob EstevaManaging Director

Trystan PughSports Content Manager

Tim BlackwellChief Sports Data Scientist

So how did we get on in Gameweek 6?

Last Gameweek’s Points

GW points: 63
GW average: 52
GW rank: 815,326
Overall rank: 869,271 (^)

Hooray! Our first decent haul since GW1 sees us enter the top one million in the global rankings. We're hardly popping the champaigne corks yet, but at least the outlook is looking a little rosier in TSZ towers, and the vicious in-fighting - which I in no way exaggerate for dramatic effect - has susbsided for the time being.

A good chunk of our GW6 success came from our backline where Joe Hart and Aaron Wan-Bissaka - the latter of whom is emerging as an FPL legend - both returned nine points, whilst Alonso chipped in with a standard six-pointer.

Perhaps more noteworthy is that, after a depressingly barren run of blanks, we actually received some attacking returns from our midfielders! Captain Salah rewarded us with a goal and City man Leroy Sane made a decent debut for 'Team TSZ' with an assist against Cardiff. However, given that Pep's men hit the South Wales outfit for five on Saturday, we couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the German's six points.

Let's not even discuss Walcott and you-know-who...

Our front three hardly set the world alight, with a solitary goal from Aguero the only thing to shout about. Meanwhile, Firmino and Zaha certainly didn't put forward a compelling case for remaining in our post wildcard team. More on that in a minute...

Our gameweek total of 63 points - minus the four-point transfer hit we took - saw us rise to 45th in the TSZ mini-league. We're starting to get vertigo.

Gameweek 7 Team

Formation: 3-4-3
Vice-captain: Kane
Transfers made: 11
Transfer cost: 0 (wildcard)
Substitutions made: N/A

Farewell, Milivojevic.

We've threatened to pull the wildcard trigger for a while, but we've finally done it! Feels a little strange given that GW6 was one of our best of the season, but we're nothing if not unorthodox.

Only four players survived the cull, with Hart, Alonso, Wan-Bissaka and Aguero all sticking around to fight another day for 'Team TSZ'. The chief debate in the office was Salah vs Kane, but given Spurs' kind upcoming fixtures - coupled with two toughies in a row for Liverpool - it was the Englishman who won out. This may be reversed when the fixtures swing from GW9 onwards, but for now we are pleased with the look of the squad, even if it is a little 'templatey'.

There were a few disagreements as usual; Rob - the incendiary rogue that he is - advocated to captain Kane rather than Aguero "to try to make ground". In all fairness, this was a valid point, but then he muttered something about selling Alonso and going without Mitrovic, so his ideas were swiftly quelled.

Before I forget, Tim wants it stated on record that he thinks choosing short-term pick Tarkowski over Alexander-Arnold is a completely pointless move seeing as we are benching him anyway. In this instance, the 2vs1 decision went against him. Don't you just love democracy?

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