FPL Gameweek 1 – What Was The Dream Team?

Each week TSZ will produce both the optimum squad and optimum starting XI for the previous gameweek along with a number of other statistics. These squads will adhere to the FPL ruling system and therefore take into account:

  • Budget constraints – £100.0m for 15 players with the budget adjusted accordingly for the best XI.
  • Team constraints – No more than three players from any one team

*All data was taken directly before the first match of Gameweek 1 and therefore prices may alter.

**In the case of multiple players having the same point score, the cheapest will be included.


Cost of squad: £86.0m

Total points scored: 171

Top points scorer: Mane (16), Pererya (16)

Highest represented club(s): Crystal Palace (3)


Formation: 5-4-1

Cost of XI: £61.5m

Total points scored: 139

Top points scorer: Mané (16), Pererya (16)

Highest represented club(s): Crystal Palace (3)