Five Reasons why England will not win Euro 2016

As fourth favourites with most bookmakers, England are considered to have a good chance of winning Euro 2016. There will be plenty of money coming in on them as is always the case for major tournaments, but on what grounds other than patriotism? TSZ are somewhat pessimistic and we outline the factors as to why we think England will not win Euro 2016.

1-Lack of worldliness

Not a single player in the England squad plays outside of England and they are the only team where this is the case. That does not necessarily mean those teams that have players scattered around the world will do well, but the lack of knowledge and experience of other styles, approaches and tactics undoubtedly plays a factor in a team’s success.

Think about it for a moment – if the Premier League has almost double the numbers of players playing at Euro 2016 than any other league, but only 23 of the could be English, that means there is a whole bunch of non-English players playing in the EPL. The FA and Greg Dyke have tried to address the issue, but it remains a problem for the national team.

2-Premier League focus on foreign over homegrown

Here you can see the top 12 most represented teams in the competition with there being four English teams in the top 8. The same issue remains – with only 23 of those players possibly English, that means a whole host of non-English players playing at the highest level in the Premier League.

3-Lack of talent playing in elite club competitions

Only 5 English players in the squad for Euro 2016 played in the Champions League this season which sees them rank in mid-table of all nations. If the players lack experience at the highest level of club football, how can they be expected to compete at the highest level of national team football? Only one Spanish player did not play in either the Champions League or Europa League this season – Nolito of Celta Vigo.

4-Lack of experience

While the inclusion of 18-year-old starlet Marcus Rashford may have caught the imagination of the English fans, that only heightens the fact that the lack of experience in the England squad is alarmingly low. They have the lowest average age of all squads, and their oldest player is only 30. With Wayne Rooney having virtually double the amount of international caps as his closest team-mate in the squad, the reliance on the captain for experience and know-how will be vital.

5-Best formation and strongest team?

Leading on from the lack of experience, what does that tell us? A lack of caps typically means a lack of cohesion and unity and that is certainly something you can level at this England squad. Does Roy Hodgson know his strongest team if he had to field it tomorrow? He may have a good idea, but does anybody else? It is far from certain what his strongest line-up is or his best formation is, which is ominous coming into a final tournament when you have to perform. The time for experimentation should have ended months ago, and this could well be a costly weakness for Hodgson and this England team.