FIFA 19 eSports Tournament Calendar: Road To The FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

Below is an outline of the FIFA 19 competitive eSports ecosystem, known as the EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series, from the release of the game on PS4 and Xbox One all the way through to the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final. This page will be updated regularly as firm dates and locations are confirmed and we will also be listing the winners of each event as they take place.


FIFA 19 players will need to have followed the below steps (taken from in order to take part in the EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series:

  1. Register on by Oct 31, 2018.
  2. Play in Weekend League and achieve at least 27 Wins to become FUT Champions Verified.
  3. FUT Champions Verified competitors may be invited to and play in Online qualification competitions, competing head-to-head against other top eligible players to earn a spot at a live event.
  4. Earn EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points through live events and the Weekend League to get placed on the leaderboard.
  5. Qualify for the Playoffs by finishing in the Top 60 on the points leaderboard at the end of the year.


EA have altered the qualification process this year so that year-long consistency is now rewarded, as opposed to an exceptional one-off performance. An example of this is the exclusion of the Last Chance Qualifier - which accounted for a sizable number of participants in last year's Global Series Playoffs - from the FIFA 19 eSports calendar. Instead, strong performances in offline tournaments throughout the year could earn players enough Global Series Points to make the playoffs. Click here to see the latest Global Series Points rankings.

Additionally, the Weekend League will no longer earn competitors direct qualification into offline events, but will offer Global Series Points which could be crucial come the playoffs.


The FIFA 19 eSports scene is set up so that everything ultimately feeds into FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final qualification. Last year, over 20 million players competed throughout the year before Mosaad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary was crowned FIFA 18 world champion at the O2 Arena in London, taking home a cool $250,000 in the process. After the success of the FIFA 18 cycle, there has been a considerable expansion in the ecosystem this time around. Here are the various qualification routes to the Grand Final, including a breakdown of the Global Series Points available in each:

FUT Champions Cups

There will be a total of six offline FUT Champions Cups this year (compared to two during the FIFA 18 cycle), with one taking place each month from November until April. Players must first qualify online to participate, and each event will feature a minimum of 32 players per platform.

The Global Series Points on offer at each FUT Champions Cup are as follows:

1st: 1500

2nd: 850

3rd-4th: 625

5th-8th: 450

9th-16th: 275

17th-32nd: 150

FIFA Majors

The FIFA eClub World Cup - which sees eSports teams competing against each other - returns this year and has now been classified as a 'Major', which is also the case for the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup. Details on this new addition to the calendar will be released in due course.

The Global Series Points on offer at these two tournaments are as follows:

1st: 1500

2nd: 850

3rd-4th: 625

5th-8th: 450

9th-16th: 275

17th-32nd: 150

Licensed Qualifying Events

Seven Licensed Qualifying events will take place throughout the year. These will be on a smaller scale and will vary in size between 16 and 32 players per platform, but will offer the opportunity for eligible players around the world to compete via online qualifiers. Further details on these events will be released in due course.

The Global Series Points on offer at Licensed Qualifying Events are as follows:

1st: 850

2nd: 450

3rd-4th: 315

5th-8th: 150

9th-16th: 110

17th-32nd: 80

Official League Partners

Once again, there will be FIFA eSports versions of football leagues around the world taking place, with Global Series Points on offer in each. The leagues that have so far been officially announced as forming part of the Global Series ecosystem are as follows: Virtuelle Bundesliga, eDivisie, eSuperliga, eLiga, Virtual La Liga esports, eLigue 1, eMLS, ePremier League, E-League, eAllsvenskan, Ekstraklasa, eSerien and the eJ.League.

The Global Series Points on offer at each Official League Partner are as follows:

1st: 850

2nd: 450

3rd-4th: 315

5th-8th: 150

9th-16th: 110

17th-32nd: 80

33rd+: 40

There is also the potential for future leagues to get involved, and if that is to be the case, the following Global Series Points will be on offer:

1st: 200

2nd: 110

3rd-4th: 80

5th-8th: 40

9th-16th: 20

17th+: 10

PlayStation 4 Country Tournaments

Sony will be hosting a succession of PS4-only tournaments at various locations around the world, which may have country or region restrictions attached to them.

The Global Series Points on offer at PlayStation Country Tournaments are as follows:

1st: 200

2nd: 110

3rd-4th: 80

5th-8th: 40

9th-16th: 20

17th+: 10

FUT Champions Weekend League

Although these no longer offer direct qualification to offline tournaments, eligible players can earn Global Series Points by competing in every FUT Champions Weekend League between November and April.

The Global Series Points on offer - in addition to the number of wins required - in FUT Champions Weekend Leagues are as follows:

27+: 10

26: 9

25: 8

24: 7

23: 6

22: 5

21: 4

20: 3


The FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs will be the final opportunity for eligible players to collect Global Series Points for qualification to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. The participants will consist of the top 64 players on each console (the top 60 from each Global Series Points leaderboard, and the top four players from each FIFA Online leaderboard).

The Global Series Points on offer at the Global Series Playoffs are as follows:

1st: 1800

2nd: 1080

3rd-4th: 720

5th-8th: 540

9th-16th: 350

17th-32nd: 275

33rd+: 200


Most FIFA 19 tournaments do not yet have exact dates and locations but we will update the section below as soon as details are released. To find out when the online qualification dates are for each tournament, click here.


Playstation 4 Continental Cup (Paris, October 26th - 28th)
Winner - Joksan


FUT Champions Cup #1 (Bucharest, November 30th - December 2nd)
Winner - F2Tekkz

EA Champions Cup - FIFA Online 4 (South Korea, November 10th - 17th)
Winner - Team Mineski Flash (Fardinho / RippedJean / Amraan)


PGL Cup Bucharest (Bucharest, December 8th - 9th)
Winner - F2Tekkz

FUT Champions Cup #2 (London, December 14th - 16th)
Winner - Msdossary


Gfinity FIFA Series January (London, January 19th - 20th)

FUT Champions Cup #3 (Bucharest, January 25th - 27th)
Winner - DullenMike


Gfinity FIFA Series February (London, February 2nd - 3rd)
Winner - PSV StefanoPinna

IFA eClub World Cup (London, February 9th - 10th)
Winner - KiNG eSports (F2Tekkz / FCB NICOLAS99FC)

FUT Champions Cup #4 (Atlanta, February 22nd - 24th)
Winner - F2Tekkz


FUT Champions Cup #5 (Singapore, March 8th - 10th)
Winner - F2Tekkz

Gfinity FIFA Series March (London, March 23rd - 24th)

ePremier League (London, March 28th - 29th)
Winner - F2Tekkz

eMLS Cup (Boston, March 30th)
Winner - Doolsta


FUT Champions Cup #6 (London, April 5th - 7th)
Winner - Msdossary

FIFA eNations Cup
(London, April 13th - 14th)
Winner - France (DaXe / Maestro)

eChampions League Group Stage (Manchester, April 26th - 27th)
Qualifiers - AlanAvi / Dr NightWatch / Joksan / TG Zezinho / Vitality Rafsou / NYC_Chris / xLevVinken 020 / Marcuzo


ELEAGUE FIFA 19 Cup (Atlanta, May 4th - 6th)
Winner - DAGNOLF96

PGL FIFA 19 Masters (Bucharest, May 18th - 19th)
Winner - F2Tekkz

EA Champions Cup - FIFA Online 4 (Vietnam, May 16th - 26th)
Winner - Team TNP Red (CruzSaveTR / Michael04 / TDKeane)

eChampions League Final (Madrid, May 31st)
Winner - NYC_Chris


Nordic Masters (Jonkoping, June 16th)
Winner - Brondby IF (Dingo / Fredberg)


Global Series Playoffs - Xbox One (Hamburg, July 5th - 7th)
Winner - Rebel Stokes

Global Series Playoffs - PS4 (Berlin, July 12th - 14th)
Winner - TBC


FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final (TBC)
Winner - TBC

In addition to the above tournaments, several domestic leagues are currently part of FIFA eWorld Cup qualification and award Global Series points to successful players. The dates for those are as follows:

Australia - E-League (February 21st - May 9th)

Denmark - eSuperliga (November 5th - December 17th)

England - ePremier League (January 5th - March 29th)

France - eLigue 1 (October 22nd - May 13th*)

Germany - Virtual Bundesliga (December 1st - May 12th)

Japan - eJ.League Samsung SSD Cup (April 6th - April 29th)

Netherlands - eDivisie (November 13th - April 25th)

Norway - eSerien (April 9th - April 26th

Poland - Ekstraklasa (March 5th - May 26th)

Portugal - eLiga (April 15th - May 11th)

Spain - Virtual La Liga (December 3rd - May 11th)

Sweden - eAllsvenskan (March 2nd - May 25th)

USA - eMLS Cup (January 22nd - March 30th)

Finally, this year will also see the inaugural eChampions League take place, with the final set to take place in Madrid on May 31st:

eChampions League (March 2nd - May 31st)