FIFA 19 eSports Performance Analysis – F2Tekkz (Player Usage)

Here at The Stats Zone we specialise in Performance Analysis across a number of sports and we also apply many of the same techniques and expertise to FIFA eSports. By using data and video analysis, we study the performance of players and teams whether that is to be used internally by coaches and players, to prepare for upcoming opponents, or for recruitment purposes.

In this article, we're focusing on a player who has been dominating the scene in FIFA 19 - F2Tekkz. We've analysed five of his matches over the past couple of months and looked at a number of key areas. Here we break down how Tekkz utilised each player in his team across these five matches.

The matches we have looked at are as follows:

F2Tekkz 2 v 6 MegaBit (Gfinity FIFA Series February - semi-final second leg)

F2 Tekkz 4 v 2 The Roy4l (FIFA eClub World Cup - group stage)

F2Tekkz 5 v 0 AFC Ajax Joey (FIFA eClub World Cup - group stage)

F2Tekkz 4 v 2 Herozia (FIFA eClub World Cup - grand final)

F2Tekkz 5 v 0 Sakul (FUT Champions Cup Singapore - group stage second leg)



David de Gea

Didn’t use goalkeeper controls much in any of the games. Brought him off his line a couple of times to cut out through balls but didn’t use him to come for crosses. Never anticipated shots and generally kept him in a central position rather than guessing where the player was going to shoot. Used him to play out from the back mostly and rarely went long.



Sergio Ramos

Did well defensively with Ramos. Had him coming very narrow and cutting passes out between him and Varane which helped stop some passes into the box. He covered well at the back post if players crossed the ball in there to Ronaldo as he is was able to match him in the air. Good with the ball and he kept possession moving but didn’t use him at all in the opponent’s half.




Good tackling and 1 v 1 defending, and was able to step up and make tackles with him higher up in his own half. Struggled with his defensive positioning though, especially in the box. Can be targeted there as he didn’t react well with him to first time passing. Didn’t use him going forward at all.



Raphael Varane

Struggled using Varane defensively in a couple of the games. Wasn’t able to always switch to him quickly enough which meant he sat off players and let runners through. Also gave players space in the box and isn’t tight enough to stop quick passing or shooting. Good in the air with him and he won most headers. Also used him well on the ball to keep possession moving quickly.



Rio Ferdinand

Used him very similar to Varane although not as dominant in the air. Sat off players in the box and didn’t switch to him quickly enough to stop runners through a few times. Good with the ball and used him in possession a lot.



Patrick Vieira

Heavily involved in all games. In possession he kept the ball moving with him well when he was moving it from side to side. Got forward into the final third a few times if play was built up and even made a few runs into the box, scoring a goal in one game. Defensively he did well with him when set up in shape, but he often got dragged into wide areas as the wingers don’t track back, meaning there were large gaps in central areas - a weakness for Tekkz. Tended to bring him off if he was losing and brought on Modric who he used more going forward.



Ruud Gullit

Again, heavily involved in all games. Similar role to Vieira but he was better with the ball and going forward. Made some good late runs into the box and his first time passing into the box was good with him. Defensively again got dragged out wide and left gaps in the middle.




Played in three out of the five games. Didn’t use him that often as although the front four were very fluid and all involved, R9 was used the least. Used him to make runs into the box and offered passes inside of the full-back to run onto and shoot first time. Didn’t use his skill moves as much as the other forward players and mainly used him for first time passing and shooting.



Kylian Mbappe

Massively important player for Tekkz. Used him coming off the left and used his pace to make runs past the full-back and into the box. Often built moves to the edge of the box then worked the ball over to Mbappe to get him 1 v 1 with the defender before either using a skill move to get around them and then shooting or just shooting first time. Scored the most goals with him and liked to shoot on sight and often first time with him in the box. Scored two good goals from outside the box too and if given the space, will shoot from there and finesse into the top corner.




Another hugely important player. The majority of the play in the final third came through him and he used his skill moves to beat defenders 1 v 1. Also used it to create space for others and force the opponent to bring an extra defender out before sliding another play in on goal. Would be important to not commit when defending this as he is usually looking to pass into the box when space is available. Used him when crossing deeper into the box as he made runs in there and scored a goal from this and had another couple of chances.



Cristiano Ronaldo

Used him as a link player a lot and someone who will play first time passes in the box. Also shot first time with him a few times and was able to finish really well with him. Unlike other players, rarely looked to cross into the box for him and instead played it to feet to find the space. Sometimes used skill moves with him to create space and shoot.



Luka Modric

Brought on when he was losing in two of the games. Used him heavily in possession and looked to play through balls into the box with him. More advanced than Vieira which helped in linking play in the opponent’s half.




Started two games and came on in two more as a substitute. Liked to get in him space in the box and slide him through. Lots of first time shooting with him, especially coming in off the right with his left foot. Useful player to bring off the bench but he was more effective with Ronaldo in the starting eleven.

This is just a small sample of the analysis we have conducted around FIFA eSports. If you would like to know more about what we do and how it might benefit you, whether that be an analysis of your own game or a detailed report on an opponent, feel free to get in touch with us.

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