Breaking down the race for third place in EURO2016

With the move from 16 to 24 teams in the European Championships, we have seen some of the smaller nations in European football get the opportunity to play at the highest level. Albania picked up their first ever victory in the EURO final tournament last night to leapfrog Romania in third and give themselves a shot at being one of the best 3rd placed finishers.

Previously, the top two qualified for the knockouts. Now, the four best third-placed teams go through to the knockout phase. To make it a fraction easier for you to understand, here is a table of the current third-placed teams which we will update for you over the upcoming days.

What to look out for?

Although Northern Ireland are top, they have to face Germany. While they may potentially lose that game, it is key that they do not lose heavily as goal difference could vital in the race for these positions. With Albania below them already, as long as either Portugal, the Czechs, or Sweden do not win, they should go through regardless of their result against Germany.

After the euphoria of beating Romania, Albania now have to nervously sit back and observe other matches in the hope results go their way.