2017-18 Line-up Changes In English Football

4th Oct 2017 by TSZ

We've logged every line-up in the 2017-18 season for the top four tiers of English football to see which teams tend to have a fairly settled starting XI and who sees frequent personnel changes.

Below are the average changes made per league match so far. The top four tiers (Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two) are currently accounted for, with additional graphs to follow which will analyse leagues further down the football pyramid.

Last updated 04/10/17

Premier League

  • To date, Liverpool have made the most changes to their starting XI, with Jurgen Klopp making an average of 4.0 alterations to his line-up per game.
  • Burnley have the most settled line-up in the Premier League, averaging just 0.8 changes per game.


  • Norwich City top the Championship table for line-up changes, averaging 3.2 per game.
  • Millwall have seen very few changes to date, as they average just 0.8 per game.

League One

  • Bristol Rovers have seen the most rotations in League One, with an average of 3.7 per game.
  • There have been few alterations to the Charlton Athletic and Southend United starting line-ups so far, as they both average just 1.1 changes per game.

League Two

  • The Port Vale line-up has seen an average of 3.1 changes per game - the most in League Two.
  • Exeter City have had the most consistent starting XI in the division, with an average of just 1.0 changes per game.

Further leagues to follow...

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