7th Jan 2017 by TSZ

TSZ Predicts The NFL Play-offs

​With NFL fans preparing for the annual drama and excitement of the play-offs, TSZ takes a look back at recent history to see how each team has performed over a six-year period, before focusing in on the 2016 regular season. Using the statistics at out fingertips and having analysed the performances of the teams this season, we then project the outcome of the play-offs and subsequent Super Bowl.

11th Nov 2016 by TSZ

David Johnson - College Hero To NFL Superstar

Eight games into the NFL season and it's been a frenetic start. With the Arizona Cardinals returning to action this Sunday following a bye-week, we focus our attention on one of the rising stars of the NFL - David Johnson.

9th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Julio Jones vs A.J. Green - Who Is The Superior Wide Receiver?

For the last five years, debate has raged in the NFL world about who the superior wide receiver is between Atlanta Falcons' Julio Jones and A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals. TSZ is on hand to provide a statistical breakdown of the two speedsters.

19th Sep 2016 by TSZ

The Development of Video Technology In Sport

The use of video technology has been an increasingly significant aspect of sport for a number of years now, with opinion divided on whether or not it improves the spectacle for fans. TSZ looks at the evolution of video technology, and how it's applied in various sports.

8th Sep 2016 by TSZ

Comparing NFL Players Across Eras: Running Backs

The statistics show that rushing is on the decline in NFL, but if we take a look at the all-time-great running backs, how do modern day players match up against their predecessors? Or is there simply no comparison given how the game has changed?

22nd Aug 2016 by TSZ

Projecting the 2016 NFL Season

With NFL action just around the corner, TSZ predicts how the 2016 season will unfold using a variety of statistical methods, and assesses how these predictions compare with bookmaker odds. How accurate will we be and how does your team perform according to our projections?

3rd May 2016 by TSZ

Moritz Boehringer & European players in the NFL

One of the most intriguing stories to come out of the NFL draft last week was the Minnesota Vikings selecting German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer. TSZ look at the history of Europeans in the NFL and who else could make the grade in the NFL

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