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7th Jan 2017 by TSZ

TSZ Predicts The NFL Play-offs

​With NFL fans preparing for the annual drama and excitement of the play-offs, TSZ takes a look back at recent history to see how each team has performed over a six-year period, before focusing in on the 2016 regular season. Using the statistics at out fingertips and having analysed the performances of the teams this season, we then project the outcome of the play-offs and subsequent Super Bowl.

11th Nov 2016 by TSZ

David Johnson - College Hero To NFL Superstar

Eight games into the NFL season and it's been a frenetic start. With the Arizona Cardinals returning to action this Sunday following a bye-week, we focus our attention on one of the rising stars of the NFL - David Johnson.

18th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Who Leads The NHL Scoring Charts In Recent Times?

With the 2016-17 NHL season now underway, we thought we’d delve into the stats to see who the top goal scoring performers have been over the last five years. Who will we see break into these lists this season?

13th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Crosby vs Ovechkin: Who Influences Their Team More?

Described as the Messi and Ronaldo of Hockey, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin have been lighting up the NHL for over 10 years. TSZ compares the key stats of the two players and investigates who has the greater impact on their team.

12th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Nationalities In The NHL

As the 2016-17 NHL season gets underway, we take a look at the breakdown of players in the league in terms of nationality. Using a sample of the previous five seasons, we assess how many players per nation have competed. USA and Canada dominate of course, but where else do the stars of the NHL hail from?

9th Oct 2016 by TSZ

Julio Jones vs A.J. Green - Who Is The Superior Wide Receiver?

For the last five years, debate has raged in the NFL world about who the superior wide receiver is between Atlanta Falcons' Julio Jones and A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals. TSZ is on hand to provide a statistical breakdown of the two speedsters.