Integrity in Sport

19th Sep 2016 by TSZ

The Development of Video Technology In Sport

The use of video technology has been an increasingly significant aspect of sport for a number of years now, with opinion divided on whether or not it improves the spectacle for fans. TSZ looks at the evolution of video technology, and how it's applied in various sports.

26th Aug 2016 by TSZ

A Closer Look At The Olympic Improvement In British Cycling

Such is the case in the current sporting climate, high levels of achievement are followed by suspicion. In the aftermath of Team GB's cycling success on the track in Rio, questions were asked of their remarkable improvements. TSZ casts it's eye over the facts.

22nd Jul 2016 by TSZ

Tour De France – Is The Doping Reputation Justified?

The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious competitions in cycling and also considered one of the most demanding endurance events in sporting history, but its reputation has been shaded in recent years by doping scandals involving the performance enhancing illegal substance, EPO. TSZ looks into the extent of this use and asks - is the sport tarnished beyond repair?

19th Jul 2016 by TSZ

Athletics – Should The Records Be Reset?

With the news of a state-sponsored doping program in Russia dominating the headlines and casting a shadow over the buildup to the Olympic Games in Rio, we look at whether UK Athletics are justified in their call to reset all previous records.

26th May 2016 by TSZ

Doping in Olympic Sport – An Historical Timeline

With some high profile doping scandals hitting the headlines and some fundamental decisions facing some major organisations in sport ahead of Rio 2016, TSZ outline the recent history of doping issues in Olympic sports since 2010.

3rd Mar 2016 by TSZ

Match-Fixing & Corruption In Sport - An Historical Timeline

As part of our work, we have produced a timeline of events across multiple sports of instances where integrity of sport has been questioned and potential match-fixing and corruption has taken place. The range of sports is staggering and it would be naïve to think it does not exist somehow in every sport.....

26th Jan 2016 by TSZ

Integrity in Sport & Best Practice

Following the news of former South Africa spinner Gulam Bodi being banned for 20 years after admitting charges of contriving or attempting to fix a number of domestic Twenty20 cricket matches, and evidence of suspected tennis matches recently being revealed, The Stats Zone provide their best practice for combating match-fixing and corruption in sport.

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