23rd Apr 2017 by TSZ

Cristiano Ronaldo – 100 UEFA Champions League Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo is used to breaking records, but the milestone he reached following his hat-trick against Bayern Munich was particularly special, as he became the first player in history to score 100 Champions League goals.

7th Mar 2017 by TSZ

Should Extra Time Be Abolished?

With Champions League second-leg ties to be played this week, we take a look at a topic which has received a good deal of discussion at UEFA - is extra time serving its purpose and would the knockout rounds of major tournaments be better off without it? The statistics certainly give some insight into why this possibility is on the table.

4th Jan 2017 by TSZ

Africa Cup Of Nations And The Impact On The Premier League

With the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations on the horizon, we take a look at which Premier League clubs will be the hardest hit over the coming month, whilst we also assess the impact that absent players will have on the world of FPL.

10th Jul 2016 by TSZ

Statistical insight into shootouts - where to place your penalty!

The difference between success and failure in football can often be as slim as one penalty hitting the woodwork in a shootout - just ask any England fan. TSZ look at where players have most success when shooting and which team has the best all-time record in shootouts

20th Jun 2016 by TSZ

Breaking down the race for third place in EURO2016

With Euro2016's final round of group matches underway, we breakdown the race for the best 4 third-place finishers. Can Northern Ireland grab one of those positions and reach the knockout rounds?

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